From 19 till 25 March Week of Ouzo


If you order two glasses of Ouzo, the third one is a compliment “from the House”!

Ouzo is a Greek-Cypriot famous drink with anise flavor, a wonderful aperitif and digestive. It’s an important part of the lifestyle of every Greek and Cypriot. This elixir is able to sweeten any life surprises.

On all occasions there is a phrase: “Pame gia Ouzaki” that is “Let’s drink Ouzo each.”


How to drink Ouzo? We will teach!
Ouzo is drunk in three ways:
1) The undiluted Ouzo – experts say in this way you can feel and enjoy the taste of Ouzo. But we do not recommend this way for beginners.
2) Ouzo with ice cubes – it is considered that all flavours of Ouzo “awake” from a cool environment which is created by melting ice and it helps to prolong the pleasure.
3) Diluted with water Ouzo and ice cubes – this way is for beginners. The color of Ouzo changes, it get milky. Ice and water make the taste of Ouzo “velvet.”

Find your own way and be carried away to the sunny Cyprus and enjoy the unforgettable taste!

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