Invitation for Valentine’s Day


On February, 14 is one of the most romantic holidays, exciting and mysterious, and if you are in love you have one more reason to please each other with unexpected surprises, gifts and of course a romantic dinner!


Cyprus is the island of love and Aphrodite where so it would be desirable to find yourself when you are in love… Where else you can celebrate this day however in the Cyprus Tavern?

We will give you our love and warmth – the Chef will treat each guest to a dessert “Hot Love” and the musician Alexandros will create a romantic mood with passionate Cypriot songs.

The Valentine’s Day is a holiday not only for couples and also for all those whom you love – with someone nice to work, relax and celebrate the holidays!

Please, pre-book tables – seating is limited, and don’t forget the Card of the constant Guest.

Sincerely yours,
Team of the Cyprus tavern “Old Paphos”

Telephone: (495) 699 71 72,

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