Krasata (Traditional Cyprus) & Rib Eye

Marinate pork in village wine and dry coriander seeds, served with salad and tzatziki & Classic beef Rib Eye steak, served with salad, tzatziki and lemon More »

Octopus Pyrgos & Mussels Skhara

Caramelized octopus with Cypriot wine Commandaria and shallots, served with grilled vegetables & Broiled half kiwi mussels with olive oil and lemon juice More »

Kleftiko (Traditional Cyprus)

Tender lamb meat, cooked traditionally with oregano and potatoes More »

Chocolate lava

Warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream More »

Galaktomboureko (Traditional Cyprus) & Cheesecake

Cypriot cake with layers of pastry Fillo, cinnamon flavored cream and vanilla ice cream & Home-made soft and light cheesecake with yogurt More »


Cyprus Tavern Old Paphos Photo Gallery More »


Menu – Appetizers – Tavern Old Paphos



  Olives 50 g. 150 Rbl.

Trio (Traditional Cyprus)

  Tzatziki, tahini, taramasalata, served with pita bread and olives 250 g. 340 Rbl.

Assorted mediterranean cheeses

Assorted mediterranean cheeses

210/30 g. 650 Rbl.

Platter of mediterranean sausages

Chorizo​​, Salchichon, Parma, olives, gorgonzola, sun-dried tomatoes

195 g. 690 Rbl.

Carpaccio of Salmon

Salmon fillet with a pesto sauce, Frisée salad, lemon, capers, olive oil

130 g. 410 Rbl.

Beef tongue “Galataria”

Boiled beef with horseradish sauce

100/20 g. 380 Rbl.



  Fried crispy zucchini with garlic and tzatziki 180/100 g. 310 Rbl.


  Seared spinach with spring onions, garlic and eggs on marinated peppers 150 g. 260 Rbl.

Halloumi grill (Traditional Cyprus)

  Grilled Halloumi cheese with tomato concasse and balsamic vinegar 150 g. 390 Rbl.

Dolmades (Traditional Cyprus)

  Stuffed with pork mince meat, rice and tomato, served with light cheese dressing 120/35/30 g. 320 Rbl.

Mussels Skhara

  Broiled half kiwi mussels with olive oil and lemon juice 5 pcs./40 g. 360 Rbl.


  Scallops with blanched asparagus and cream pepper sauce 60/80/30 g. 550 Rbl.

Mushroom Julienne

Mushroom Julienne

150 g. 320 Rbl.

Language “Lofou”

Boiled and grilled beef veal tongue with mix salad and tomatoes kankase

135/75 g. 450 Rbl.

Feta Saganaki (Traditional Cyprus)

  Roasted Feta cheese with sesame crust, on chili thyme honey 100/25/30 g. 280 Rbl.

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