Krasata (Traditional Cyprus) & Rib Eye

Marinate pork in village wine and dry coriander seeds, served with salad and tzatziki & Classic beef Rib Eye steak, served with salad, tzatziki and lemon More »

Octopus Pyrgos & Mussels Skhara

Caramelized octopus with Cypriot wine Commandaria and shallots, served with grilled vegetables & Broiled half kiwi mussels with olive oil and lemon juice More »

Kleftiko (Traditional Cyprus)

Tender lamb meat, cooked traditionally with oregano and potatoes More »

Chocolate lava

Warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream More »

Galaktomboureko (Traditional Cyprus) & Cheesecake

Cypriot cake with layers of pastry Fillo, cinnamon flavored cream and vanilla ice cream & Home-made soft and light cheesecake with yogurt More »


Cyprus Tavern Old Paphos Photo Gallery More »



Maestro has devoted part of his life researching the archives, restoring the crumbs of historical recipes, often it would seem to be lost. These recipes dated from different eras and events in the history of Cyprus. Andonis Nicolaou has adapted them to modern products and modern tastes.

This culinary archaeological labor is highly valued at the prestigious Culinary Competitions.

Everything is very delicious and very interesting!



  Baked tender tuna fillet with sesame seeds on cubes of mango and honey chilli sauce 200/105 g. 920 Rbl.

Zadar Kavouri

  Lobster julienne wrapped in Fillo thin dough leaves with cream sauce 200/75/50 g. 620 Rbl.

Tsipoura Fruta / Lavraki Fruta

  Smoked sea bream or sea bass with fruit tree branches on your choice, served with Frisee salad, cherry tomatoes and lemon 1 pc./80/50 g. 680 Rbl.