Old Paphos News

Historical dishes of Cyprus


In April the Cyprus Tavern presents a unique offer: a collection of historical dishes of Cyprus VII-XVII centuries in the modern interpretation of our brand-chef Andonis Nicolaou. Maestro has devoted part of his life exploring the archives, searching for and restoring the crumbs of historical recipes, often seems to be lost on different eras and events in the history of Cyprus, adapting them to modern tastes and modern products. This culinary and archaeological labor is highly valued at the prestigious Culinary Competitions. Everything is very delicious and unusually interesting!

Every week in April for the guests will be presented a new dish from this collection. In such way, slowly and in a Cypriot, immersed in a culinary tour of the historic, it is possible to get acquainted with one of the oldest cuisines in the world.

Greek Cypriot National Day!


We congratulate all Cypriots with their National Day!

1st of April we will celebrate Greek Cypriot National Day. Welcome to a holiday!

From 19 till 25 March Week of Ouzo


If you order two glasses of Ouzo, the third one is a compliment “from the House”!

Ouzo is a Greek-Cypriot famous drink with anise flavor, a wonderful aperitif and digestive. It’s an important part of the lifestyle of every Greek and Cypriot. This elixir is able to sweeten any life surprises.

On all occasions there is a phrase: “Pame gia Ouzaki” that is “Let’s drink Ouzo each.”

International Women’s Day!


Dear Ladies,

We congratulate you on the coming holiday – International Women’s Day!

Cyprus Grill SunDays


On February, 12 at the Cyprus Tavern “Old Paphos” there will start family Cyprus Grill SunDays.

Invitation for Valentine’s Day


On February, 14 is one of the most romantic holidays, exciting and mysterious, and if you are in love you have one more reason to please each other with unexpected surprises, gifts and of course a romantic dinner!

Invitation to the Birthday Celebration!


On 3rd of February, 2012 the Cyprus tavern «Old Paphos» will be 2 years old! We have acquainted our guests with a part of the Mediterranean culture – sunny and healthy island cuisine. We give our guests a short tasty holiday on magic island Cyprus in the center of Moscow!

Live music of Cyprus!


A bright sunny atmosphere of Cyprus is impossible without the colorful folk music.