Krasata (Traditional Cyprus) & Rib Eye

Marinate pork in village wine and dry coriander seeds, served with salad and tzatziki & Classic beef Rib Eye steak, served with salad, tzatziki and lemon More »

Octopus Pyrgos & Mussels Skhara

Caramelized octopus with Cypriot wine Commandaria and shallots, served with grilled vegetables & Broiled half kiwi mussels with olive oil and lemon juice More »

Kleftiko (Traditional Cyprus)

Tender lamb meat, cooked traditionally with oregano and potatoes More »

Chocolate lava

Warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream More »

Galaktomboureko (Traditional Cyprus) & Cheesecake

Cypriot cake with layers of pastry Fillo, cinnamon flavored cream and vanilla ice cream & Home-made soft and light cheesecake with yogurt More »


Cyprus Tavern Old Paphos Photo Gallery More »


About Old Paphos Restaurant

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Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Gourmet Tavern Old Paphos, the first Five-Star Cypriot Restaurant in Moscow

If you are wondering what the words “Old” and “Paphos” mean in our name, “Paphos” is a former capital of Old Cyprus. The ancient history of Cyprus spans more than 9,000 years and dozens of prior, or assimilated cultures. All of these have left their marks in the culture of modern Cyprus. The people, the traditions and diverse influences over such a long period have formed a unique, rich and exciting culinary culture.

Cyprus cuisine is as healthy as any traditional Mediterranean food, but has its own unique characteristics. For example, as a culinary phenomenon, the world famous “Cypriot Meze” has some Arabic roots.

Don’t be surprised if you find some Greek, Turkish, Italian, English or French flavors in your food,too, since anything and everything can be “masterfully mixed” under our hot sun. All our ancient heritage and our many cultures, have contributed to Cypriot cuisine. I will always try to convey and acquaint you with the best of Cyprus, both its traditional and contemporary island cuisine.

We welcome all people who love good food and new experiences. This is an old Cypriot tradition: In ancient Paphos there was the “Agora” – a special area, a public forum, where people could come together, regardless of their class or wealth, to discuss any subject.

I would like our Tavern “Old Paphos” to recreate these millennia-old traditions of democracy and hospitality, to become a permanent place for your meetings with friends and loved ones.

Bon Apetit!

With culinary regards, Yours sincerely, Andonis Nicolau
Grand Chef of Cypriot Tavern Old Paphos

Vice-President of the Cyprus Chefs Association
Member of the World Association of Chefs WACS
Master Chef of Great Britain