Krasata (Traditional Cyprus) & Rib Eye

Marinate pork in village wine and dry coriander seeds, served with salad and tzatziki & Classic beef Rib Eye steak, served with salad, tzatziki and lemon More »

Octopus Pyrgos & Mussels Skhara

Caramelized octopus with Cypriot wine Commandaria and shallots, served with grilled vegetables & Broiled half kiwi mussels with olive oil and lemon juice More »

Kleftiko (Traditional Cyprus)

Tender lamb meat, cooked traditionally with oregano and potatoes More »

Chocolate lava

Warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream More »

Galaktomboureko (Traditional Cyprus) & Cheesecake

Cypriot cake with layers of pastry Fillo, cinnamon flavored cream and vanilla ice cream & Home-made soft and light cheesecake with yogurt More »


Cyprus Tavern Old Paphos Photo Gallery More »


Welcome to Cyprus Tavern Old Paphos

Cyprus Tavern

Cyprus Tavern “Old Paphos”

- Tavern Old Paphos is a premium table restaurant featuring authentic Cyprus Tavern cuisine, located in the heart of Moscow.

- We feature a wide variety of traditional dishes from Cyprus, in a very convenient location with western style service and a very comfortable atmosphere.


We are a genuine Five Star international restaurant, yet we strive to keep our prices as low as possible. So don’t leave your kids at home!

Treat your children to a healthy meal from our children’s menu. Our special playground will entertain them, as the food is prepared, assuring that the whole family enjoys the experience.

Best Family-Friendly Restaurant
In the center of Moscow
live grill
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Treat your little ones with healthy meal and modern playground located in the restaurant. next to underground
station Mayakovskaya.
st. Sadovaya-Triumphalnaya 22/31,
Moscow, Russia.
We use a genuine charcoal BBQ grill for quick, safe, healthy and very flavorful grilled foods.